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Home Buyer Programs

There are over 200 programs in the state of California to help you buy a home.  We’ve created some of our own custom tailored to fit your specific needs. Our Buyer Boost, Helping Hand, and Cash Close programs  are all created to help you buy with NO MONEY DOWN or furnish downpayment assistance. Check out the rest of the initiatives below and speak with an agent today to help you find your dream home.

Cash Close

We make an all-cash offer on your behalf while you secure financing. This increases certainty and speed for the seller and maximum negotiating power for you!

Buy Back

Love it or Leave it! Buying a home with us is a safe bet. Should you lose your job or not be 100% satisfied in the first 12 months after buying your home we GUARANTEE to buy it back.

Trade In

Don’t get stuck owning two homes. We buy your home at a price acceptable to you so you can buy another one. Just like trading in a car … only with a home.

Lease Buyout

Stop throwing away money in rent and let us break you out of RENTER’S JAIL. If you are handcuffed in a lease and find yourself unable to buy we GUARANTEE to buy your lease out so you can become a homeowner.

Buyer Boost

You may not have enough money for a downpayment to purchase a home so we’ve got you covered. This program gives you up to $97,000 cash assistance. This allows you to become a homeowner NOW instead of waiting years to save for a downpayment.

8 Day Close

Stop getting beat out by other buyers when attempting to purchase the home you fall in love with. Speed creates power. Use our 8-Day Close and eliminate your competition! Our fast close GUARANTEES your offer wins and you get the home you deserve at the price you want.

Helping Hand

Buy the home of your dreams with NO MONEY DOWN. Our Helping Hand Program gifts you up to $31,000 cash assistance to buy the home you love.

VIP Homebuying Program

Beat out all the other buyers to hot new listings and get off market opportunities. Get priority access to proprietary information.

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